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Emergency Currency

In Survival on January 27, 2017 at 9:55 am

Nature's Access

I know the following info is common sense to experienced Preppers. But, maybe not so much for many of my readers who haven’t given it much thought.

I hear alot of talk on shows, like Glenn Beck, on how important gold will be when the financial crisis strikes. Your bank accounts will be worthless, your cash unwanted. The historical evidence is there to support that. Pre WWII, Germany’s Mark was really only valuable to help get a fire started. But in reality, is gold the way to go?

In a true global disaster, gold might be a good thing to hold on to if you have any. Bury it somewhere and forget you have it. If and when the situation improves it is possible that the gold will have value, but really, why does it have value? It isn’t particularly useful. It does make shiny jewelry. There are some minor…

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14 Winter Survival Items Everyone Should Store In Their Vehicle

In Survival on January 27, 2017 at 9:50 am


14 Winter Survival Items Everyone Should Store In Their Vehicle

By Rich M – Off The Grid News

I live in a warm part of the country now, so winter isn’t a big deal. Actually, it’s my favorite time of year, because it’s not hot. But it wasn’t always that way. I grew up and learned to drive in Colorado, where the mountains make it so that a winter blizzard can sneak up on you and leave you stranded before you know it. I can’t remember how many people I rescued; they simply were good drivers who were trapped by winter weather.

I don’t care how good of a driver you are — there are situations where you can’t keep on trucking. I remember an icy parking lot that put me in a snow bank, simply because I couldn’t get enough traction to overcome gravity (the parking lot was sloped, and the exit was uphill). I’ve seen the same…

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New data shows thousands of foreign fighters, terrorists attempted to enter the U.S.

In Survival on January 27, 2017 at 9:47 am

(NationalSentinel) For years critics of President Barack Obama’s border security and immigration policies warned that lax enforcement in the age of terrorism was a major national security issue for the United States. Those critics were generally rebuffed by the Left and by the Obama administration.

Now, new data shows that indeed, scores of foreign fighters and potential terrorists attempted to get into the U.S. to wreak havoc and kill Americans. And while many were intercepted, it is obvious that several may have gotten into the country.

09-02-16-03-17-18_promo_article_160x600-option-1As reported by the Washington Free Beacon:

The Department of Homeland Security stopped more than 22,000 “high-risk” travelers from entering the United States in 2015, but officials remain uncertain about how effective these security screening methods are, opening the possibility that risky individuals such as terrorists are still being approved for entry into America, according to a new government report highlighting these…

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