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Manchester Bomb Threat and the Renewed Threat of the IRA

In Survival on May 17, 2016 at 12:18 pm

The Pertinent Press

Manchester, England

A fake bomb was planted in the football stadium in Manchester, prompting the evacuation of over 75,000 fans during the match between Manchester United and Bournemouth. The IRA has claimed this bomb threat. This threat comes as the IRA has renewed their fight against Britain and her territories.

The Irish Republican Army (IRA) has taken many forms since its inception in 1917. Starting as a militia group fighting against English occupation, it splintered after the Anglo-Irish treaty of 1921. This treaty created Ireland as a free state, and created pro-treaty and professional treaty groups. The IRA continued to splinter until 1969, when what remained became the Official IRA and the Provisional IRA. The Official IRA grew into the Irish political party Sinn Féin (a labor union group), while the Provisional IRA became an opposing political group especially splintering to form the Continuity IRA, which is what many think…

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