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Revolution vs. Conservatism: “The Nature of Man is Intricate”

In Survival on May 15, 2016 at 3:42 pm


The French Revolution was a time of great reform from monarchy to republic. Liberty, equality and freedom were the essence of the movement-come- revolution once the Third Estate, led by the bourgeoisie, took their stand against the privileged aristocracy. Consequentially, the Revolution invoked great thinkers to put quill to paper, pondering the effects led by the somewhat devastating yet arguably successful reformation. From Voltaire and Rousseau to Edmund Burke and Joseph de Maistre, these great minds took to their podiums to demonstrate their political ideologies, the concerns they held, and the concepts of what should be for man, once the Revolution subsided.

Edmund Burke, an English conservative of the time watched the French Revolution unfold. The political excitement of the time didn’t influence Burke’s ponderings on what great things may lay ahead, rather it provoked an essay titled Reflections on the revolution in France, a conservative view of considerations…

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