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Moving in The Direction of Survival

In Survival on May 12, 2016 at 11:32 am


I may be getting a few years ahead of myself and bare with me for being an idealist…BUT, I think that one day it will be possible through advances in science and technology to enable human beings to overcome death as we currently know it.

Join me for a second in a realm of imagination where I suggest to you that human beings are, in a big picture sense, moving towards the proverbial light of everlasting life.

Before you get worried about what this might mean in terms of overcrowding let me first reassure you -thanks to Nasa’s new Keplar telescope 1,284 new planets were discovered yesterday and scientists believe that some of these may be habitable.

This discovery comes just one day before Tesla offshoot company Hyperloop tested a vehicle which purposes to be able to carry people and goods at the speed of sound.  If that can be…

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