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About modern warfare methods and sterile insect technique — Part II

In Survival on May 12, 2016 at 9:22 pm


15jh_castle_siegeConsidering the current shift in warfare methodology it is not unlikely to anticipate new imaginative ways to replace the rifles and tanks of the XX century. Most recent major shift in warfare strategy progressed throughout the period of World War II when every faction tried to best its enemies in most original and efficient ways possible. As dark as this period might have been, it was a catalyst for the exponential spring in technological and scientific progress. Many comforts and necessities of today would possibly not have been invented for a long time if not for the WWII; from penicillin to computers, countries were forced to compete against each other on a wide array of aspects in order to have an edge over the rival. Although conflicts of the XXI century may not be that obvious to the general public, national budget expenditure for national defense of the major…

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