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Preparing your Home for an Emergency

In Survival on May 11, 2016 at 12:56 pm

My musings from South London

Many people are looking at extreme weather events, and also at political unrest at home and abroad, and wondering if they should be more prepared.  Would they be able to survive if their electricity supply was disconnected for several days because of bad weather?  What if the local area, town or city was cut off, or shut down due to civil unrest or terrorist activity? Solar Flare If a major solar flare compromised regular satellite and terrestrial communications networks, how would you keep informed or communicate with family or friends?  In most cases, a few simple preparations ahead of these types of events can make a lot of difference.

Since prehistoric times, humans have used shelter as a means of protection from the elements.  Our modern world enables us to minimize our exposure to extremes of heat and cold.  But what happens if our regular sources of power and heating are…

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